Marketing Publications

The DMA makes marketing research and other publications available for download as part of regular membership in the Professor’s Academy. This section features:

1. The DMA Statistical Fact Book [pdf], often referred to as the “definitive source for direct marketing benchmarks”, offers a bounty of comprehensive information and compelling data. Segments include every possible target and channel in the data-driven, digital and interactive marketing field as well as emerging technology and trends.  

2. Careers in eCommerce and Digital Marketing, [pdf]  by Jerry Bernhart takes a comprehensive look at ecommerce and digital marketing jobs and careers, and offers guidance on educational training and the skills required for success in this exciting, fast-growing field. Includes a special chapter on ecommerce organizational structure, detailed HR-ready job descriptions for the major specialties within ecommerce and digital marketing, where to find digital marketing jobs, plus tips and advice from digital marketing experts.

3. Journal of Interactive Marketing (JIM) is available to Premium members of the Professor’s Academy.  You'll receive an annual online subscription to Marketing EDGE's publication, known widely as a catalyst for shaping ideas and issues associated with electronic, interactive and direct marketing environments.

Available through Marketing EDGE’s publishing partner, Elsevier, JIM is a premier academic research journal providing leading-edge, high-quality and original results, methodologies, theories, concepts, models and applications on any aspect of data-driven marketing.

For authors submitting work, the Journal has no preferred or disallowed methodologies but is open to conceptually rigorous approaches of any type. Manuscripts should address current or emerging managerial problems and have the potential to impact practice and theory in digital marketing and related areas.

4. Value of Data 2015: Findings show that the Data-Driven Marketing Economy (DDME) contributed nearly 1 million jobs to the United States in 2014, and added $202 billion in revenue to the U.S. economy. The research, commissioned by the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) and titled “The Value of Data 2015: Consequences for Insight, Innovation & Efficiency in the U.S. Economy,” builds on the seminal Value of Data report released in 2013 and quantifies the growth in the data-driven marketing economy (DDME). The DDME saw a 49 percent increase in jobs and 35 percent growth in revenue between 2012 and 2014. The report was undertaken by Professor John Deighton of the Harvard Business School and Peter Johnson of mLightenment Economic Impact Research and a recent Columbia University professor.