Robert Kestnbaum Research Program Summary


Robert Kestnbaum

Leading-edge research drives innovation in business and education, and sets the stage for progress to improve all areas of our society.  It is this understanding which prompted Marketing EDGE to introduce the Robert Kestnbaum Research Program (RKRP), which is designed to bring together top academic researchers and leading practitioners to support academic research for the development - and practical translation - of leading-edge marketing knowledge on topics of importance to business, specifically in the areas of direct, interactive, digital and new media marketing. 

The RKRP will be focused on three major components, namely, 1) to stimulate formulation of the most important, cutting-edge issues facing the field today, 2) to generate relevant research to analyze and help resolve these key issues, and 3) to disseminate the research with the intent to impact today’s business practices.

Research and the Selection Process

The RKRP will stimulate research on relevant topics by engaging executives from corporations in the business of integrated marketing in a coordinated program with leading academics to support corporations’ needs for knowledge and academics’ needs to contribute to the field and enhance their research and teaching attributes.  The RKRP will be managed by Marketing EDGE, with oversight by an Advisory Council to be made up of executives and academics from the marketing field, including Kate Kestnbaum. 

Research Support

The RKRP will fund and/or facilitate support for high-quality research that deals with topics of importance to the corporate sponsor and the broader business community.  Critical to the success of the RKRP is the shared success among academics and practitioners who will mutually benefit from a collaborative effort that takes place throughout the research process, including ideation, planning, conducting and reporting/publication. 

Eligibility and Types of Support

Academic researchers will apply for financial and/or non-financial support of research projects through the RKRP process, to be developed with oversight and approval by the Advisory Council.  Financial support will be given in the form of standard grants or competition prizes and awards.  Non-financial support will include access to data, contacts with corporate executives or access to interview or study relevant individuals within firms.  Grants will be funded through Marketing EDGE by the RKRP.

Dissemination of RKRP Research

To maximize the results generated by the RKRP, resources will support broad, customized dissemination of the research.  Each project will be reviewed to determine the most effective process.  As part of the consideration, the corporate sponsor's objectives, as well as available resources will determine the scope of each project.  These may include, but are not limited to Marketing EDGE Research conferences, Ph.D. Candidate / Teaching Support, and publishing.

For more information about the Robert Kestnbaum Research Program, contact Marie Adophe, Vice President, Program Development, Marketing EDGE:  (T) 212.790.1535; (E)