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Name: Laura Fishman
School: Fashion Institute of Technology
Major: Advertising and Marketing Communication

Direct/Interactive Marketing is the heartbeat of any business's existence. It creates interaction, promotes customer relationship-building and above all, encourages sales. Maintaining existing customers is proven to be a more profitable avenue than prospecting for new clients. I am fascinated with the process of how direct marketing comes together as one entity.  


Name: Andrea Juda
School: New York University
Major: Integrated Marketing

My interest in direct/interactive marketing was sparked by my current position in the Direct Marketing Department at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I wish to continue my work and education, specifically to promote and support the arts - an area that I have a great personal interest in. A practical, comprehensive approach to direct/interactive marketing is exactly what I need to further my career.


Name: Emma Bloomfield
School: Northeastern University
Major: Communication Studies

Direct/Interactive Marketing is an innovative marketing strategy that will shape the future of the marketing field. To me, marketing is more about the relationship that a salesperson creates with a potential client. I am very interested in pursuing this facet of marketing in detail, because I firmly believe in building these relationships. To better sell a product, one must know the market, not statistically, but personally.


Name: Jason Noda
School: Fashion Institute of Technology
Major: Direct & Interactive Marketing

I am interested in direct/interactive marketing because I want to see its future grow over the internet, but through media vehicles such as SMS text messages and other new media. Creating print ads and direct mail pieces has challenged my creative vision and also put my knowledge of direct marketing methods to use. I ultimately hope that I can pursue a career in Direct/Interactive Marketing as a copywriter.


Name: Kristin Hill
School: Rider University
Major: Marketing

I have always had a great deal of interest in the field marketing, and have recently become interested in the specific field of direct marketing, especially from a business to business standpoint. I feel that direct/interactive marketing methods are the most practical to use when trying to enter into other business marketing. In addition, the ability to pre-screen potential clients and then approach those businesses directly is not only cost-effective in the long-run, it is essential in order to build and maintain lasting relationships with them.


Name: Michael Howland
School: Fashion Institute of Technology
Major: Direct & Interactive Marketing

I am interested in direct/interactive marketing because I feel it is extremely relevant in industry. As companies become more concerned with controllable expenses and buckle down on expensive advertising efforts, segmenting their customer profile to target specific people will become even more important and beneficial to the overall growth of these companies. 


Name: Nola Lawless
School: Fashion Institute of Technology
Major: Direct & Interactive Marketing

My interest in direct/interactive marketing began at the Marketing EDGE Student Career Forum in 2007. I enjoyed the whole experience, specifically the subject matter of Direct Marketing. I would like to end up being a college professor teaching direct/interactive marketing. I know that the direct/interactive marketing field is growing and I can't wait to become part of that growth.


Name: Paul Ashe
School: Florida International University
Major: Advertising - Wine and Spirits Marketing

When I began my undergraduate career, I took the initiative to tailor my education in wine and spirits marketing. In this industry; relationships with customers, company experiences, brand feeling: are all directly influenced by the direct marketing industry. As a proud student of the School of Mass Communications I am drawing on the knowledge and experiences of those around me to better prepare for my future. 

Name: Emily Empel
School: Villanova University
Major: Business Administration

“A career in direct/interactive marketing would push the outer limits of my creativity, and, on the flip side, I hope this emerging field will benefit from my perceptions of new possibilities.”   Emily Empel is a junior at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. She is currently working towards a degree in Business Administration with a focus in marketing. Nominated by Professor Eric J. Karson, Emily has recently interned abroad in London with Publicis Consultants. She is very active on her campus having held the position of Advertising Manager for her school’s Inter-Hall Council and is a current member of the Retail Society, Advertising Society and Women in Business Society.

Name: Cara DiGuiseppe
School: New York University
Major: MS, Integrated Marketing

“I love the creative world of media, the process of developing something and seeing the fruition of inventive brilliance. I have been able to use what I am learning in my graduate classes and apply them to the field of not-for-profit organizations.” Cara DiGuiseppe is this year’s recipient of the Don Kuhn Scholarship. Cara obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Journalism at Loyola College in Baltimore, MD. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and was an inductee to the Phi Beta Kappa Society. She is currently working toward a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing with a concentration in Brand Management at New York University. Cara was nominated for the scholarship by Dr. Marjorie Kalter, who heads NYU’s Master of Science in Integrated Marketing. Cara is currently working as a Marketing & Events Coordinator for Tuesday’s Children, a non-profit family service organization founded by family and friends of September 11th victims that has made a long term commitment to safeguard the health, happiness and future of both individuals and families. One of her notable contributions to the organization was heading the marketing for Project Common Bond. Her involvement included developing a logo and strategic branding plan, securing and developing partnerships with professionals in the fields of education, trauma and resilience, psychology, team-building and fine and performing arts. 


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