Sprinklr is a provider of enterprise social technology, and prides itself as a world leader in this category. Its offering is designed to help large companies collaborate across their entire organization to create intuitive, superior customer experiences across every social channel. The company is revolutionizing customer engagement in 150+ countries for more than 1,200 brands, among them Nike, McDonald’s, Microsoft, P&G, Samsung, more than half the Fortune 50, and nine of ten of the world’s most valuable global brands. Called “the most powerful technology in the market,” Sprinklr powers more than four billion social connections to help the enterprise reorient its business around the customer in the age of digital transformation. Headquartered in New York City with more than 1,200 employees globally, Sprinklr works with a powerful group of partners that include Deloitte Digital, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft among others.

Sprinklr, like all marketing organizations, looks to meet the rapid demand for talent with digital and marketing analytic skills, and fully recognizes the importance of creating and grooming our next generation of talent. In addition to its internal human resources programs to recruit employees and interns, Sprinklr strongly supports Marketing EDGE, providing, for example, real-time, streaming data visualizations during previous Rising Star and EDGE Award venues, sponsorships, and in-kind investment (software and consultancy) to create Marketing EDGE’s own social media platform. Sprinkler’s continuing goal is to help Marketing EDGE’s expand its reach and engagement across students, corporations, and academia and, most importantly, to have Marketing EDGE be best-in-class in its own digital transformation in support of marketing education and early professional development.