Ed Mayer literally wrote the book on direct marketing. Known as the “Father of Direct Marketing Education,” he taught our first marketing program for college students, which ultimately led to the creation of what is now known as Marketing EDGE. Ed popularized the “40/40/20 Rule.” He died in 1975, but more than 50 years later his formula – by his assessment marketing campaigns should focus 40% on the audience, 40% on the offer and 20% on the creative – still guides most of the world’s marketing campaigns. From 1977-2014, Marketing EDGE honored marketing professionals dedicated to marketing education in his name.

Pamela Maphis Larrick

Chief Executive Officer of Omnicom’s Javelin Marketing Group

Michael Becker

Co-Founder & Managing Partner North America, mCordis

Harold M. Brierley

Executive Chairman

Gary Laben

CEO, KBM Group, and Global Chief Data Officer, Wunderman

Education Leadership Award Recipients

2015 Pamela Maphis Larrick
2014 Michael Becker
2013 Harold M. Brierley
2012 Gary S. Laben
2011 Dr. John Deighton
2010 Dr. Marj. Kalter
2009 Beth Smith
2008 Jon Roska
2007 Tim Litle
2006 David Florence
2005 Dick & Mary Cabela
2004 Katie Muldoon
2003 Stephen Polk
2002 Markus Wilhelm
2001 Dr. Richard L. Montesi
2000 David Shepard
1999 Richard C. Wolter
1998 Robert L. Hemmings
1997 Kate T. Kestnbaum & Robert D. Kestnbaum
1996 Joan Throckmorton & Jerry Reitman
1995 Geraldine Hedberg & Lee Epstein
1994 Lester Wunderman
1993 Paul Leblang
1992 Edward “Ted” Spiegel
1991 Bob Hutchings
1990 Jim Kobs
1989 John Flieder
1988 Robert B. Clarke
1987 Robert DeLay
1986 C. Rose Harper
1985 Richard Hodgson
1984 Freeman Gosden, Jr.
1983 Martin Baier
1982 Henry Hoke, Jr.
1981 Paul Sampson
1980 Robert Stone
1979 John Yeck
1978 Nat Ross
1977 Lewis Kleid