Harold “Hal” Brierley

Executive Chairman

Hal Brierley serves as Executive Chairman of Brierley+Partners, having founded the firm in 1985 and served as its Chief Executive Officer through 2006. As Chief Loyalty Architect for B+P, he has provided loyalty counsel for more than 150 major brands over the past 25 years.

Hal began his entrepreneurial career in 1969 when he co-founded Epsilon Data Management, a pioneer in database marketing, serving as its CEO through 1980. In 1981, he served as the one outside consultant for the design of American Airlines’ AAdvantage program, the nation’s first frequent traveler program. Later, he served as Vice President of Sales and Advertising for Pan American World Airways where he launched Pan Am’s Worldpass, the first global frequent traveler program, and served as Senior Vice President of Marketing for Continental Airlines.

In 1999, Hal launched e-Rewards, Inc. as a spin-off from B+P. Today, e-Rewards is the world’s leading online market research panel, with some 6 million active panelists in 36 countries and sales of over $300 million, providing survey respondents for some 2,500 market research firms. In 2006, he launched e-Miles, an online advertising channel rewarding members for the time they spend engaging with commercial messages.

While making an extraordinary impact on business, Hal makes time to give back to the community. He is deeply involved in Dallas, supporting the arts, education, and medical research, serving on the Boards of the AT&T Performing Arts Center, Dallas Symphony, Dallas Opera, Dallas Arboretum, Baylor Health Care System Foundation and KERA-TV.

Hal and Diane have underwritten the Principal Trumpet at the Dallas Symphony, the Resident Acting Company for the Dallas Theater Center, the Giraffe and the Warthog exhibits at the Dallas Zoo’s new Giants of the Savanna Exhibit, and a Distinguished Research Chair at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

He is a member of the National Geographic Society’s International Board of Advisors and the Better Angels Society, promoting Ken Burn’s educational programming on PBS.

Hal joined Marketing EDGE’s (formerly Direct Marketing Educational Foundation) Board of Trustees in 2006. Later that year his companies funded the Professors Institute, an invitation-only event, bringing rising academic stars together with marketing executives with the intent of influencing the academic career trajectory of future academic leaders. As the DMEF embarked on its re-branding exercise, he provided invaluable market research through e-Rewards and Brierley+Partners, leading to the successful selection of Marketing EDGE, unveiled in June 2013.

Hal graduated with highest honors in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maryland, where he serves on its Foundation and as a Baker Scholar with High Honors from Harvard Business School, where he serves on its Board of Dean’s Advisors and has underwritten a Chair in Marketing and, more recently, has endowed a fellowship.