Ajay Gupta

Founder and CEO
San Antonio, TX
St. Lawrence University, Texas State University – Financial Economics and Creative Writing

Ajay Gupta has served as chief executive officer of Stirista since founding the company in 2010 at age 26. Without accepting external funding, Gupta has overseen the data-driven marketing services company’s rapid year-to-year financial growth as it has progressed from two employees working out of an apartment, to a 41-person team spanning three continents, as well as marketing and business internships. Growing up in rural India without a home telephone line, Ajay was fascinated with the ability of technology to connect people. At age 14, after moving to the United States, he started a popular pro-wrestling e-newsletter. The newsletter, which grew to 50,000 subscribers, taught him the power of email marketing to communicate with and expand an audience.

Stirista builds on that promise, providing a 360-degree view and access to 250 million triple-verified business-to- business and business-to- consumer customer records for modeling and acquisition campaigns, which helped to achieve a 2017 Data & Marketing Association (DMA) International Silver ECHO Award in the retail marketing category. Ajay shares best practices for data at many industry venues, among them DMA &THEN’s Emerging Tech Forum, LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert, the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference and the Minnesota Marketing Summit.