Brody Clemmer

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“Marketing has become such an important psychological and scientific venture in today’s society. I am so grateful to be a part of such an inspiring organization that supports the future generations of our trade, but also recognize the responsibility we have to educate and enable the next leaders of industry. The EDGE Awards are a time to acknowledge and celebrate both the future and the present of the years greatest Marketing accomplishments. I am honored to be part of the select group of Marketing EDGE Rising Stars, and feel forever grateful to the organization for enabling me to create a lasting impact, and influence in the future generations(s) of leaders in Marketing and Innovation.”

Brody Clemmer serves as chief innovation officer at N2Growth, a global leadership consultancy. He has spent his entire career applying his passion for design and innovation with interests in psychology, sociology, and human behavior to understanding how the world interacts with technology. His current focus is on creating innovative user experiences for today’s challenging business issues.

Brody began his professional career in communications as a writer/producer for Nassau Broadcasting Partners. There he was responsible for creating advertising campaigns for companies across the East Coast. After catching the design bug, Brody left radio to pursue a career in television and commercial design. While working for a Comcast production partner, he was responsible for creating engaging campaigns through special effect design and creative audio engineering. Later, Brody mixed creativity, technology, and people, by joining Apple Inc., where he designed multiple education programs and teaching curriculums for both internal and external customers.

After spending five years with Apple, Brody joined the growing world of startup companies as a marketing and technology consultant. Serving as a marketing consultant in the Electric Car and Renewable Energy sector, he created effective strategies to approach companies like FedEx, UPS, Disney, and International Airports. In the mobile technology field, Brody used his information architecture and design skills to create a commerce application for Micro-Donations. Brody also founded a successful web development company, and also served as a technology consultant for a communications-consulting firm.

“By understanding the ways people of multiple generations interact with technology, Brody is able to create seamless tools to establish the best user experience,” one of his colleagues reported. “Brody’s ability to utilize data and intuition is very unique. He takes pride in understanding the universal principles of marketing and the traditional while implementing his own untraditional strategic initiatives: specifically, his ‘Co-Creating’ experiment in his company, N2Labs, [is] a social enterprise design team used to transform company objectives into profit-focused social ventures.” Brody also serves actively as a one-on-one mentor to University of Pennsylvania Center for Social Impact and the School of Policy and Practice students and graduates entering the workforce.