Christina Dalton

Executive Director, Digital Marketing


Christina Dalton is a digital marketing expert with more than 12 years of experience within the publishing industry. Her professional career spans both traditional and digital marketing tactics to drive acquisition as well as audience development. She develops high-impact marketing campaigns across email, social media, search engine marketing, display and retargeting as well as in-app. Christina has been at the forefront of digital media and launch of app products in the magazine industry.

In 2017, Christina has expanded beyond leading Hearst’s digital marketing efforts to also include its E-edition business marketing and relationships with Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble, among others. Christina and her team have also taken on responsibility for Conde Nast’s email acquisition programs. Early results show she and her team are driving significant improvement in open and conversion rates as well as profitability.

Christina lectures to students, including engagements at both New York University and State University of New York – Fashion Institute of Technology – as well as mentors young marketers inside PubWorX and Hearst, teaching both traditional and digital channel marketing, providing rare cross-marketing skills in enterprise marketing teams. In 2016, Hearst recognized Christina as a SPOTLIGHT AWARD winner, recognizing her leadership and success driving significant business results that fuel both the company’s profits and future direction. As the company has transitioned from Hearst to the new Hearst/Conde Nast joint venture – PubWorX – both organizations have recognized and selected Christina as the leader of its new Consumer Marketing Digital Marketing team. Not only does this represent and great endorsement from two industry leading organizations, but also is a platform from which she is recognized for her ability to communicate, lead and deliver results above expectations.

Having graduated from St. Joseph’s University in 2005 and Baruch College in 2010, Christina has successfully transitioned from individual marketer to leader and mentor to the next wave of marketers. Her success has led to continued professional growth in responsibilities and impact.