Joshua Machiz

Chief Digital Officer
New York, NY
McGill University and Fordham University – Microbiology and Finance & Marketing

Josh Machiz is the chief digital officer of Nasdaq and is responsible for managing corporate marketing and all of the digital content created for the Nasdaq social media channels, as well as experiential marketing and social media activations at Nasdaq MarketSite. In this role, Josh is responsible for the IPO day social experiences for Nasdaq-listed public companies, and social advertising for new and established Nasdaq companies.

Previously, Josh was the chief business officer for Frucher LLC, a consulting firm performing duties for Nasdaq and the State of New York. Josh joined Nasdaq in 2013, and has 10+ years of marketing and consulting experience. In addition to this experience, he serves as a board member of GMHC.

Josh holds an undergraduate degree in Microbiology from McGill University and an Master of Business Administration in finance and marketing from Fordham University