Lisa Spira

Director of Research and Product Development
Ethnic Technologies


As Director of Research and Product Development at Ethnic Technologies, Lisa Spira leads the research and design of E-Tech, a premier industry product in multicultural marketing and its digital applications. In this role, Lisa’s creativity and leadership provide products that enable partners and clients to effectively reach their large and increasingly diverse customer base.

Lisa established the Research Department Internship at Ethnic Technologies to give students of Linguistics (and Onomastics, Ethnicity, Demography, Sociology and Geography) an opportunity to apply their knowledge to the field of marketing.

More recently, she expanded the internship to enable students of marketing and business to explore their academic interests to direct marketing pursuits. Through the intern program, Lisa cultivates new and upcoming marketing talent, helping promising minds either realize their potential in a field they might not have known to consider or realize how they can explore different types of contributions to the marketing field.

Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Carleton College promote the Ethnic Technologies Research Internship as an opportunity for winter term or summer break – and she is recognized by these schools who consider her a mentor.

She has been a guest speaker at the New York Univeristy-SCPS (School of Continuing and Professional Studies) Multicultural Marketing class, among other notable colleges and universities at both undergraduate and graduate levels. During these interactions, she focuses on opportunities to challenge students in applying their skills to future marketing needs, focusing on the importance of multicultural insights.

In 2014, Lisa presented “Marketing Software: Environmental Complications to Predicting Ethnicity with Onomastics” at the conference of the International Congress of Onomastics Sciences in Glasgow, Scotland.

Lisa holds a degree in linguistics from Syracuse University and also serves as Information Officer on the Executive Council of the American Name Society.