What to Expect When You Transition from College to a Marketing Career

Ben Kneller, Senior Marketing Manager, AT&T (formerly DirecTV)

The transition from college into an internship or job can be an exciting time, but it can also be a difficult and stressful time.  After going through this experience just a few short years ago, these are the biggest lessons I’ve learned from both job hunting and then my transition into the new position.

​Job Hunting

Don't be too picky by limiting yourself to just your "field."

Sure, there are a small percentage of students that are going to have multiple job offers and options after school, but for the overwhelming majority of students, it’s not easy to find a job in the field you want to pursue. Even if you did everything “right,” there’s not going to be a line of employers waiting for you at graduation. When applying to jobs, one thing to remember is not to limit yourself to opportunities that fall neatly into your experience or major.

Often times with entry level positions, employers are betting on the person, not their resume. There are countless stories of people going into a field other than what they went to school for and falling in love with a job they never imagined. Even if that doesn’t end up being the case for you, there are still valuable lessons you can learn from a different field that can apply to your next job back in the field you desire.

The take away from this is to keep an open mind and don’t narrow your focus too much when applying for jobs.

Transition to New Position

Don't assume you're working on "intern" projects.

Congratulations! Now that you got hired for an entry level position or internship, it’s important to never assume you’re working on “intern” projects or other work that may seem basic. Hopefully that’s not the case and you’ve been given meaningful assignments from the first day, but the majority of entry level positions are probably going to come with some work that is not that exciting.

The biggest mistake you can make is not giving your full effort towards every project that comes across your desk. Even if it’s the most basic request, your boss will notice the level of detail and effort that you put towards that task. Also keep in mind that you never know what that simple task may turn in to. You may uncover information or provide a new perspective on something that ends up evolving your project into something more substantial!

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