Why is everybody talking about Networking? Because it works. Carlos, one of our program participants, said it best – “A year before I even graduated, I connected with a HR manager at Condé Nast and expressed my interest in the position, which I am sure helped in solidifying me as a potential candidate when I finally applied (and got the job!).”

It can also be scary putting yourself out there. Make it easier on yourself. Take that first step and prepare your “elevator speech”.

Watch this video form Howcast on how to perfect the elevator pitch.

Elevator Speech

If you had a minute to tell someone how awesome you are, could you do it? An elevator speech is a brief way to tell someone why they should be interested in learning more about you.  In other words, what makes you special. Bet your mom could do it for you… but she won’t be there so you have to.

To get started, write down some words or phrases that describe you (e.g. smart, good with numbers, great communicator). Think about how great you would be in a marketing internship or entry-level role. Then write your elevator speech. Practice using a mirror, and with others) until you are comfortable “giving” the speech. Always end your conversation by asking for a business card so you can follow-up and build your network.

Build your elevator speech and make it relevant to the company you are talking to:

Hi, my name is Rachel Smith. I will be graduating from XYZ University next year with a degree in Marketing and Psychology. I’m interested in exploring a marketing career. As vice president of the Marketing club, one of my main responsibilities is to manage our social media content and calendar. I develop daily social media outreach through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and I also write our weekly blogs. I read that your company is expanding in digital and I’m looking for an internship where I can use my digital skills to benefit a company. Can I have your business card?