EDGE Partner Portal (Resumes)

How much time does a recruiter take to read over a resume? A minute? 30 seconds? Not even close – 6 seconds on average. So stand out, and make it easier for Marketing EDGE corporate partners to find you.

Create your profile and upload your resume into the Marketing EDGE Partner Portal, where you can share you skills and location preferences, and look for internships and jobs.  Our corporate partners can also search for you, and all connections go through Marketing EDGE.


Create the Resume Recruiters Want to Read with 5 Easy Tips

  1. Personal Statement/Objective and References Upon Request: Unnecessary. Recruiters know you want a job with room for growth and will ask for references.
  2. College/University: List first – your college “career” is your biggest accomplishment to date. Take off high school, it’s in the past leave it there.
  3. Specific and On Target: Whenever possible use data to show how awesome you are (you increased sales by 100% – wow!). If you had several similar jobs, list the companies, dates, and provide just one list of combined responsibilities.
  4. Benefits to the Company: Make this super easy to find. List all of your computer skills, languages, and other abilities that are important in marketing roles (Excel, Google Analytics, HTML and other computer languages, Adobe platform).
  5. Spell Check and Read Carefully: One error and a recruiter will move to the next resume. Look for incorrect words that spell check won’t catch – fun vs. fund, manger vs. manager. Use the correct tense (either you’re doing something now or it’s in the past). Swap resumes with a friend to catch any errors.

Cover Letters

Cover letters are not often requested but when they are it’s because companies want to see how well (or not) you communicate.

Will you be able to send an emails without typos, abbreviations and emoji’s? Do you pay attention to detail or will you tell the client I’ve attached the latest meeting pan for ur approval?  Are you too formal, not formal enough?  Follow these tips, and your cover letter will be as awesome as you are!

Check out this cover letter!

Write a great cover letter in 3 short paragraphs

  1. 1st Paragraph: Introduce yourself (pull this from your elevator speech), list what position you’re applying to, how you heard about the job; if you were referred by someone, mention their name and how you know them.
  2. 2nd Paragraph: Discuss your greatness! It is critical that you take a good look at the job description so you know what the company is looking for. What can you do to make their company better? They need someone who can write good web copy, and you just did that in a school project. You don’t know HTML, but you know Java. You’re a quick learner, and can teach others too.
  3. Final Paragraph: End with thanking the company for their consideration.