You already juggle school, work, club activities, and life in general, so why attend our Student Career Forums?

Because the Forums have connected more than 110,000 students to companies that live and breathe marketing, and many are hiring interns and entry level staff.  If you attend, you’re also eligible to apply for Marketing EDGE scholarships. Spend the time, it’s worth it.


Marketing EDGE is cancelling this year’s Chicago Career Forum due to precautions against the coronavirus (COVID-19), and will refund the registration fee to all Forum registrants. 

Marketing EDGE is committed to continue support of your career journey during this difficult time, and we invite you to visit to set up your profile on the EDGE partner portal.  You can search for our corporate partners’ internships and jobs, and stay connected with Marketing EDGE for future opportunities.
Email if you have any questions.


Student Testimonials

“A successful networking experience! The Student Career Forum helped me form connections with professionals and peers I otherwise would not have gotten the opportunity to make. I believe these connections will open doors for me in the near future.”

Zacqueline Baldwin, University of Rochester, Film and Media Studies

“I really enjoyed getting to hear from Marketing EDGE alumni and their experiences of navigating the first few years post-graduation. As a senior, I had a lot of questions about what to expect in my first year after college. The student career forum panel not only answered all of my questions but also provided me with valuable tips on ways to succeed in my first full-time marketing role.”

Brenda Sanchez, Southwestern, Business

“Attending the Marketing EDGE Student Career Forum reminded me of why I chose marketing during my freshman year; this event refueled my zeal and desire for the world of marketing. The best part of it all is that I met a woman with my dream job, and I am now connected with her via email and LinkedIn. Marketing EDGE is truly an experience that I believe all marketing students should attend.”

Briyanna Hutchinson, Mercy College, Business Administration