ALC's Spirit Award to Marketing EDGE

Marianne Palumbo accepts the Arlene Greenbaum Spirit Award from Donn Rappaport, CEO, ALC

Data marketing industry leader ALC has introduced the “Arlene Greenbaum Spirit Award,” to honor the legacy and life of this industry veteran.  We're honored that ALC chose to make an annual donation in memory of Arlene, and to pay tribute to her commitment to the future of this field.

Arlene Greenbaum was a long-tenured ALC employee who worked vigorously right up until she passed away last year at the age of 84. According to Donn Rappaport, Chairman of ALC, she often said her job was one of the things that kept her feeling vibrant and engaged with the business community. Among Arlene’s chief responsibilities was coordinating the company’s annual “For Brokers Only” luncheon, which she spearheaded and ran for its first 18 years.

At the "For Brokers Only" luncheon on May 8, 2015 in New York, NY, the first Arlene Greenbaum Spirit Award was presented to Marianne Palumbo, a 20+ year data brokerage veteran and Director of Rickard Squared.

A contribution to Marketing EDGE was made in the names of both Ms. Greenbaum and Ms. Palumbo.  Marketing EDGE Trustee Andrea Derricks, Manager, Omnichannel Capabilities, Unilever, a 2015 Rising Star Award winner and a past Next Generation Leaders Associate accepted this gift on our behalf.