Corporate Leadership Program 2019 Calendar of Activities


  • CLP Community Call | May 7
    Jeanniey Mullen, Global Chief Marketing Officer | Transformational CMO of the Year and Marketing EDGE Board Member led an open discussion about “The Future of Marketing: The skills needed for tomorrow’s workforce and how Marketing EDGE is working as we prepare the next generation of talent”. Jeanniey led us through a fascinating presentation! "Our entire industry is going through a significant transformation, as is the entire world...there is a significant gap between the current and required skills supply. The solution in many cases is seriously and credibly looking at interns... who bring in skill sets, that no matter how great your teams are, they don’t have - as natively as millennials, or even GenZ - starting to enter the workforce." Jeanniey Mullen. 

    Check out the playback of Jeanniey’s presentation, the slides, and the Mercer 2019 Global Trends study below.

    If you would like a free issue of Mercer's 2019 global Talent Trends Study, click here. (Please note that (free) membership is required.)