Corporate Leadership Award Winners - 2001-2015

CRITERIA: In today’s business world, leadership is critical to maintaining the values and standards of an organization as well as an industry. This award honors a corporation whose activities uniquely demonstrate a commitment to ensuring future generations of talent through marketing education at the college and university level. This support also fosters a spirit of excellence and pride both within the organization and throughout the marketing community

2015 Quad Graphics
2014 Google
2013 OgilvyOne Worldwide
2011 Guthy-Renker
2010 Merkle
2009 Goodman&Company
2008 Scholastic
2007 Draftfcb
2006 The Martin Agency
2005 ACXIOM Corporation
2004 Wunderman 
2003 Experian
2002 Allstate Insurance Company
2001 R.R. Donnelley

2015 Quad Graphics

Quad Graphics

Described as "A Company with a Soul," Quad/Graphics was founded in 1971 by Harry V. Quadracci.  To this day, his son (Joel) and family (immediate and extended) carry on his vision:  "In 1971, we believed in a dream. We believed there must be a better way. When you dream a little, common people, working together, can do uncommon things."  The culture, ethics and beliefs are as strong today as it was on day one.  For 20 years and counting, Quad/Graphics has contributed directly to Marketing EDGE (and its predecessor DMEF) programs, reflecting its mantra, "Quad/Graphics Is An Education Company."  Quad's unending circle of Education:  “Learn, Know, Improve, Teach” is a foundational truth throughout the organization.  Quad/Graphics maintains programs in corporate training, leadership training and Quad/Education, the latter of which supports 1,000 classes taught on-the-job training or in the classroom, ranging from medical, human resources, safety, technical and wellness.  The company also offers apprenticeships, continuous improvement courses from technical to safety, and to lean enterprise training.  Tuition reimbursement is a given supporting all full-time employees to support continued education and learning.  For more information on Quad/Graphics, recipient of the 2015 Corporate Commitment Award, visit here.


2014 Google

Google is a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connect with information. Motivated by the belief that access to knowledge will enhance our lives, Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. That’s why Google helps students around the world develop a love and appreciation for the skills they need to succeed in the digital economy through a variety of educational programs.
In 2008, Google held its first annual Online Marketing Challenge, a hands-on opportunity for students to experience and create actual online marketing campaigns using Google AdWords. More than 65,000 students and professors from nearly 100 countries have participated since the program’s launch. Through the Challenge, students develop and run an online advertising campaign for a local business or non-profit organization over a three-week period. Google and a panel of independent academics from all over the world select the winning teams based on the success of their campaigns and the quality of their competition reports. The Google Online Marketing Challenge provides an opportunity for students to support their local communities while also gaining real-life digital marketing experience. For information on the Google Online Marketing Challenge, click here.
In the summer of 2015, Google will sponsor both the Interactive Marketing Analytics Experience (“I-MAX”) and the Interactive Marketing Immersion Experience (“I-MIX”) at its campus in Mountain View, CA. For the first time ever, parts of the program will be digitally recorded to make the content available around the world for academics and students on demand. This will support a significant expansion in the number of students, educators and marketing professionals touched by the program, and extends the ability of Marketing EDGE to deliver outstanding content worldwide.

2013 OgilvyOne Worldwide

A division of Ogilvy & Mather, OgilvyOne Worldwide is the world’s pre-eminent Customer Engagement Agency, as ranked by Forrester Research, Inc. Its core promise to clients is to help them unlock the full value of customers by turning big ideas and data insights into compelling personal experiences to help them win more customers and make them more valuable. The agency’s roster of clients is equally balanced between global clients including American Express, BlackRock, British Airways, DuPont, IBM, Intercontinental Hotel Group, IKEA, Kimberly-Clark, Nestlé, Unilever and UPS, and leading clients in our local markets.  With over 4,300 employees in 100 offices in more than 50 countries, OgilvyOne has been a longtime supporter of education and skills development, going beyond its own internal initiatives to support the industry as a whole to prevent future skills shortages and contribute to the long-term economic prosperity of the countries in which it operates ... [read more]




DIRECTV is committed to developing educational opportunities for up-and-coming direct/interactive marketing talent. They have been a long-time supporter and partner of Marketing EDGE and a participant in Marketing EDGE's Next Generation Leaders Program for the past five years.  

DIRECTV delivers satellite-based television services to U.S. customers in homes and businesses. They have received eight Emmy® Awards and hundreds of US patent filings for innovations related to HD programming, interactive features, digital video recorder (DVR) services, quality customer service, and their electronic program guide (EPG).


2011 Guthy-Renker

Guthy-Renker supports many initiatives in marketing education for younger generations, including participation in Marketing EDGE's Next Generation Leaders program. Since 1988, Guthy-Renker has discovered and developed dozens of well-loved, high quality consumer products in the beauty, skincare, entertainment, and wellness categories, with distribution now in 65 countries. Known for moving, award-winning productions and marketing campaigns featuring some of today’s leading celebrities, the company has been credited with transforming the broadcast direct marketing industry.

Co-Founders and Co-Chairmen Bill Guthy and Greg Renker have set industry standards for trust, integrity, and best practices — and along the way, have helped shape industry governing policies. Greg Renker is a founding member of the leading industry trade organization, the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA). He was elected as the first chairman of the ERA’s executive committee/board of directors, and now serves as chairman emeritus.

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2010 Merkle


Merkle, a leading customer relationship marketing agency, believes the best way to succeed in business is to balance both quantitative and qualitative approaches to marketing. Founded in 1971, Merkle identifies successful marketing as consisting of three critical components: thought leadership and strategy; a well-defined engagement model; and a fully integrated implementation approach. With locations in ten major states, Merkle’s mission is to help clients create and maintain marketing strategies that will influence consumer behavior over time. Merkle is an active marketing educator to younger generations including a major sponsor of Marketing EDGE’s Interactive Marketing Immersion Xperience (I-MIX) program.

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2009  Goodman&Company

Goodman&Company creates unique value by bridging the gap between management consultants and marketing agencies. Their collaborative approach, informed by expertise spanning the major marketing disciplines and channels, successfully aligns marketing investments with the best opportunities for growth and increased profitability.creates unique value by bridging the gap between management consultants and marketing agencies. Their collaborative approach, informed by expertise spanning the major marketing disciplines and channels, successfully aligns marketing investments with the best opportunities for growth and increased profitability.

Goodman&Company has built a track record of success with Global 2000 clients by partnering with senior marketers and line of business executives to create measurable return by optimizing customer-facing channels to drive acquisition and retention, leveraging the power of insights to increase customer lifetime value, and accelerating the marketing organization's ability to innovate.

One of the company’s core values is to stay on the forefront of opportunities that contribute to the advancement of the direct/interactive marketing industry. Their role in Marketing EDGE’s Next Generation Leadership program, participation on Marketing EDGE's Board of Trustees, and unwavering support in the creation of Marketing EDGE’s mission and strategy make Goodman&Company well deserving of this years’ award.

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2008  Scholastic


For more than 85 years, education has been at the center of Scholastic's success. Today, the multichannel marketing company is a leader in children's publishing, education, and entertainment, all of which are underscored by its corporate mission to install a love of reading and learning in all children. This same commitment to learning is carried into Scholastic's workplace.

An important aspect of this award honors the work done through e-Scholastic, the division created to maximize the potential of the internet as a significant channel of distribution and e-Commerce and to expand the company's core businesses. has won numerous awards, including the Webby Award and the People's Choice Award for Best Kids Site, and is one of the Top 50 online retailers in the Internet Retailer 500 survey.

Scholastic has been a steadfast backer of Marketing EDGE under the leadership of Seth D. Radwell. Seth has served on the Marketing EDGE Board of Trustees and has been influential in creating the vision for the Foundation as a key member of the Marketing & Strategic Planning Committee. Scholastic was one of the founding companies in implementing the Direct Marketing Leadership Development Program (DMLDP), hiring young professionals to work at Scholastic and learn direct/interactive marketing on the job. Scholastic shows a commitment to learning and education in their business, workplace and in their partnership with Marketing EDGE.

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2007  Draftfcb


“The Marketing EDGE’s Corporate Leadership Award honors the unique and significant actions of a corporation that demonstrates outstanding practices with the aim of contributing to direct marketing education. Draftfcb met — and exceeded — these requirements,” said Allen Dyon, chairman of Marketing EDGE.

“In our industry, our biggest asset is our people,” said Howard Draft, Chairman and CEO of Draftfcb. “That’s why it’s important for all agencies to foster the development of future employees at the college and university level. Draftfcb is a firm supporter of Marketing EDGE and its efforts to provide direct marketing education to students.”

Back in 2004 when it was known simply as “Draft,” this world-renowned direct marketing agency agreed to be Marketing EDGE’s second volunteer agency of record. Two years and a merger later, Draftfcb ( remains a stalwart supporter of direct marketing education. The company has handled projects such as the Marketing EDGE planned-giving campaign, renewal series, and fundraising mailings, and a curriculum module that illustrates the creative process in direct marketing through a dynamic, multimedia presentation. Even as Interpublic united Draft and FCB to create Draftfcb, the new company remained committed to enhancing direct marketing education at the collegiate level.

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2006  The Martin Agency

The Martin Agency has been a stalwart supporter of marketing education for many years.  For many years since 1988, the company, in partnership with Marketing EDGE, the company hosted an annual agency seminar at its Richmond, VA headquarters. For the first several years of its operation, the program focused on college undergraduate students. Later, in an effort to reach even more students, they turned their attention to focus on professors teaching and research needs. The seminar, which uses client examples, offers professors exciting best practices to use in the classroom.

Twice a year, The Martin Agency sponsored The Student Workshop in which 15 students participated in an agency presentation and client project over a 10-day period, creating a fully integrated advertising campaign. The agency also participated in Virginia Commonwealth University's Ad Center, and hosts interns and donates scholarships annually.

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2005  ACXIOM Corporation

Acxiom Corporation is a world leader in customer and information management solutions and the trusted partner of leading global companies. Customer information is one of the most important assets a company owns. Many customer relationship solutions fail because companies do not fully capitalize on their customer data. Acxiom shows businesses how to maximize the value of the information they have in order to build strong, lasting relationships with customers.

Customer data expertise, superb systems management, operational excellence, technological innovation and creative problem solving are all Acxiom hallmarks.  Honored in 2005 with the prestigious 21st Century Achievement Award from the Computerworld Honors Program, ACXIOM was saluted for its “positive contributions to the global information technology revolution.” Acxiom is a longtime supporter of Marketing EDGE and its programs. Even in today’s challenging times, their corporate excellence makes Acxiom a particularly notable and worthy recipient of this award.

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2004  Wunderman

Wunderman is one of the most experienced customer-focused marketing communications agencies. With a rich heritage spanning over 40 years, Wunderman was ranked among the top three worldwide marketing services agencies by Advertising Age in 2002.

Offering powerful data solutions — both in-house and through KnowledgeBase Marketing, a wholly owned subsidiary — and of course, best-in-class creative services, Wunderman combines broad-ranging capabilities in strategy and insights, customer dialogue and teleservices, media, interactive and promotions to deliver holistic, seamless client solutions. It creates customer experiences that build brands, initiate true dialogues and drive action — consistently and successfully, in 78 offices worldwide.

Boldly stepping into the future, combining data and strategic thought to develop insights, fusing those insights into daring creative work to redefine the customer experience and making an impact in the marketplace: these are the ongoing challenges at Wunderman, and they’re what help make the Wunderman approach unique.

Since its inception, Wunderman has promoted direct marketing education, both internally and externally, around the world.

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2003  Experian

Experian avidly supports direct marketing education. Through "The Heart of Experian," its community involvement program, the company fosters lasting relationships with organizations such as Marketing EDGE by funding program initiatives, and by providing further support through employee participation.

Starting in 1983 with a Metromail program led by Bill Howe, Experian sponsored 15 Marketing EDGE Collegiate Institutes ― intensive five-day seminars for the "best and brightest" college seniors majoring in marketing, advertising and database/information systems.  During the program, Experian staff members devoted one full day to teach students direct/interactive marketing best practices. To date, Experian has shared its expertise and career knowledge with more than 750 college students.

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2002  Allstate Insurance Company

Allstate was selected to receive the 2002 Marketing EDGE Corporate Leadership Award in recognition of its many years of contributions to direct marketing education and its long history in direct marketing insurance products. Allstate has an extensive history of involvement with Marketing EDGE, going back more than 30 years, to the first association-sponsored Chicago Association of Direct Marketing (CADM) Collegiate Institutes. Allstate helped underwrite and conduct the first Institutes at a then company-owned hotel in Northbrook. That seeding has resulted in years of Institutes and hundreds of students gaining very solid background in direct, many of whom have chosen careers in our field.

Allstate also played a visionary role in DM education, recognizing that more students could be reached by focusing on professors’ teaching and research needs. Allstate co-sponsored, again with CADM, the first Marketing EDGE Professors Institute, designed to give educators the knowledge and resources needed to teach direct/interactive marketing. As a result, the Midwest leads the country in the number of available complete courses in direct/interactive marketing. Allstate also played a crucial and decisive role in successfully raising $250,000 needed to fund a master’s degree program at Northwestern University.

This outstanding background in promoting DM education, and its far-reaching efforts to use the Internet and alternate media to provide product choice to the consumer, make Allstate the 2002 honoree.

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2001  R.R. Donnelley

Throughout its history, R.R. Donnelley has demonstrated corporate leadership and citizenship by supporting community and national organizations including Marketing EDGE. Over the years, R.R. Donnelley has actively supported Marketing EDGE by hosting and funding the former Collegiate Institute for juniors and seniors. More than 300 students have benefited from R.R. Donnelley’s strong commitment.

In addition to its community outreach, R.R. Donnelley offers its own employees multiple opportunities for personal and professional improvement. The company believes that when employees have the right tools, training and technology, breakthrough improvements in quality, productivity and speed are the result.

A company dedicated to diversity, inclusion and continuing education, R.R. Donnelley ranked #1 in the printing industry on this year’s Fortune’s List of Most Admired Companies; it made Next Step magazine’s list of America’s 100 most diverse corporations, and Latina Style magazine named R.R. Donnelley one of the “Top 50 Companies for Hispanic Women to Work in the United States.”

R. R. Donnelley enriches the lives of millions by connecting people with the power of words and images. In 2000, alone, R.R. Donnelley produced 5 billion magazines, 520 million books and 6 billion catalogs, directories, direct-mail promotions and web pages.

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