Marta Velasco, JDC Healthcare Management
@MartaVelasko | @JeffersonCares | #RisingStars16
Marta Velasco is the vice president of marketing and business development for JDC Healthcare Management, a $100MM annual revenue privately held company. In her role as head of marketing she disrupted the status quo in the dental industry in Texas by reigniting a traditional brand, introducing cutting-edge customer relationship management analytics, returns-based decision making to allocate the marketing mix, a top digital strategy, and a relentless focus on improving customer experience. As a result of her work, the company increased revenue by double digits year-over-year in 2015.
The passion that drives her desire to improve her company – and the industry – is her interest in improving the life of underprivileged communities as JDC serves primarily lower-income Hispanic and African American communities in Dallas and Houston. Marta has a track record of giving back to the community and has done work with National Society of Hispanic MBAs, Be R.A.R.E, Dallas Life and at her company she even has created the Jefferson Cares program to foster JDC employees to give back to the community.
She is recognized among her peers for mentoring young professionals and she is a frequent speaker about marketing and young women empowerment. She was a speaker at the Digital Analytics Association Dallas Summit, at the Public Relations Society of America-Dallas, and at the Public Relations Society of America- Austin. Marta has a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Cincinnati and a Graduate Certificate in Marketing from Southern Methodist University.