Program Sponsorships

You Can Make A Difference Today

By sponsoring Marketing EDGE programming, you can have an impact on the lives of college and university students and educators in the direct/interactive marketing field. Your contributions help Marketing EDGE to educate, develop and grow the best and the brightest, employing them in new and exciting opportunities in the marketing field. If you are interested in giving your support to students and educators at the college and university level, become a sponsor today. 

Marketing EDGE relies on corporate sponsorship to sustain and advance Marketing EDGE programming. With your support, Marketing EDGE can bring invaluable direct/interactive marketing instruction to college and university educators and students. Corporate contributions help Marketing EDGE to attract new talent and help students discover the exciting opportunities and careers in the direct/interactive marking community. Help Marketing EDGE develop today’s young talent by exposing them to the best and brightest in the direct/interactive marketing industry.

When you sponsor Marketing EDGE and provide real-life marketing experience, you turn the marketing world into a classroom for direct/interactive marketing students. Marketing EDGE programming gives students an opportunity to turn their theory and turn it into practice. By understanding the industry from the inside out, students can test their creativity, ability, and knowledge in a practical setting.

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