The February issue of the Journal of Interactive Marketing is now available!

For a short time, full text access to the journal is available.

The journal features a wide range of articles that will be of interest to those working and researching the fields of digital marketing. Articles include:

A Framework for Digital Marketing Research: Investigating the Four Cultural Eras of Digital Marketing
Laurent Busca, Laurent Bertrandias

What You Feel, Is What You Like: Influence of Message Appeals on Customer Engagement on Instagram
Robert Rietveld, Willemijn van Dolen, Masoud Mazloom, Marcel Worring

Newspapers’ Content Policy and the Effect of Paywalls on Pageviews
Ho Kim, Reo Song, Youngsoo Kim

How 3D Virtual Reality Stores Can Shape Consumer Purchase Decisions: The Roles of Informativeness and Playfulness
Hyo Jeong Kang, Jung-hye Shin, Kevin Ponto

A Transaction Utility Approach for Bidding in Second-Price Auctions
Serdar Sayman, Yalçın Akçay

Effects of Disclosing Influencer Marketing in Videos: An Eye-Tracking Study Among Children in Early Adolescence
Eva A.van Reijmersdal, Esther Rozendaal, Liselot Hudders, Ini Vanwesenbeeck, Veroline Cauberghe, Zeph M.C. van Berlo

Whose Algorithm Says So: The Relationships Between Type of Firm, Perceptions of Trust and Expertise, and the Acceptance of Financial Robo-Advice
Carlos J.S. Lourenço, Benedict G.C. Dellaert, Bas Donkers