Would consumers be willing to purchase big-ticket and large luxury items if they were able to interact with those items in a playful 3D virtual environment? Yes, say Hyo Jeong Kang, Jung-hye Shin, and Kevin Ponto in the March issue of Journal of Interactive Marketing. A 3D shopping experience gives consumers a more playful and life-like interaction with a product, allowing them to get a clearer visual of objects.

Their article “How 3D Virtual Reality Stores Can Shape Consumer Purchase Decisions: The Roles of Informativeness and Playfulness” explains why consumers are more willing to buy expensive, large items online if presented with a 3D environment.

Kang, Shin, and Ponto, however, explain that not only the 3D environment is important: playfulness and informativeness are also needed for consumers to purchase big ticket items online.

Until March 14, you can read the article for free here.